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Navigate Life’s Challenges with the Wisdom of the Tarot


A Tarot reading with a gifted practitioner can make life’s dilemmas much easier to solve. Typically, people seek out a Tarot reader when faced with a significant life event: a new relationship, a milestone birthday, a new job, major project, funeral, wedding or birth. Sometimes it’s just because they’re feeling a little lost, bored or are looking for a new perspective on their life.

Regardless of whether you believe in the magic and synchronicity of the Tarot, having a reading done by a professional is always a special experience. A gifted reader will lay down your cards, skillfully interpret them, and guide you through the story of your life. Each card speaks to a different area of your life: for example, money, relationships, career, spiritual and physical health, destiny. Few people emerge from a Tarot reading unchanged!

While many individuals choose to consult the Tarot while going through a major life event, Tarot Life readings are also a wonderful way to bring friends together at hens’ nights, dinner parties, high teas and other social functions.

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